Therapy teaches you how to help yourself feel the way you want to feel and respond however you want to respond by showing you how to apply various skills and techniques.

Often when I receive a phone call from someone like you, the person is struggling with a false idea or perception of who they are supposed to be. They are looking for a new way to achieve their goals unlike all the other ways they have tried that didn’t actually work.

A therapist’s role is to assist you in finding your way by using various therapeutic techniques and approaches. Ultimately, however, you must make the changes needed to improve your life. Therapy provides you with a safe, supportive and private area in which you can share the important details of your life and get the healing you desire.

Rational Living Therapy is just one of the very systematic approaches to helping that I often use in my practice. This therapeutic approach focuses mainly on how you think and feel.

With this approach, I will teach you how to help yourself feel the way you want to feel and how to achieve your goals by showing you how to apply what I call rational self-counseling skills.

You will learn how to feel and act the way you want to feel and act, but on purpose! This method gives you the confidence that you can make yourself feel great anytime, in any situation.

About Me

After graduating from Troy State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work I relocated to Georgia in pursuit of a job that would fulfill my passion of helping others. I initially worked in various helping professions from Job Corp Counselor to Family and Youth Services.

After several years working with underprivileged and underserved youth and families I decided that I wanted to further my studies. I eventually enrolled in the University of Georgia where I obtained my Master’s Degree in Social Work.

I spent several years working as a Hospice Social Worker and it was in that position that I decided I wanted to broaden my horizon and pursue a career in community based mental health. After years of serving on various clinical crisis teams and as the Clinical Director of a community based mental health program I started my private practice.

I am a wife and mother of 2 wonderful children. Outside of my private practice, I enjoy serving God, reading, traveling and spending time with my friends and family.

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