Life & Relationship Coaching

Have you ever felt like if you just had an accountability partner or a coach you could get some tasks completed?

Do you long for more and wonder what if?

What’s stopping you from getting that promotion at work?

Do you have relationship and life goals but just want to be sure your partner is on the same page?

Life and Relationship Coaching by a certified coach provides you with a new interpretation and/or awareness of your situation or relationship. Coaching is offered as a partnership to help you establish a new perception and remove the foggy glasses of which were preventing you from gaining clarity around a specific issue or topic.

Through skillful questioning by your trained coach, you are helped to clearly reveal and explain your thought process and come up with a strategy by the end of each coaching call. Your coach provides you the accountability you need to make the next move or take the next step. You experience a guaranteed shift in awareness by the end of each powerful momentum building 30-minute telephone call.

Pick and pay for your package below and call me at 470-588-2624 to schedule your first coaching experience.

Still have questions and need answers about my coaching style, credentials or need other details? You can call me at 470-588-2624 or submit your question on the contact page and I will reply promptly.

Life and Relationship Coaching Packages (All Coaching provided on telephone or through skype unless otherwise noted.)


$100 per 30 minute pay as you go option (a la carte)

Rejuvenate Package 4 30-minute coaching sessions $375

Power Package 8 30-minute coaching sessions $675

Reinvention Package 12 30-minute coaching sessions $975

Relationship (Love & Marriage) Package 6 30-minute coaching sessions $500

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